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Who We Are

The early days

Customer Relationship Auditing was founded in 2000 by Douglas MacGregor (WITS-MBA) We saw the need for a responsive engaging methodology, that could systematically look at our clients’ most important customers. The Strategy was to discover unbiased insights and uncover the true needs of the customer, simultaneously measuring how well our client met those needs, or not.

We created an in-depth face to face interview process. Initially we only conducted surveys, as we wanted to be impartial with no hidden agenda. It was apparent that our clients needed more. Most companies did not have the time or resources to implement the necessary changes we identified in our surveys, so often the real value was diluted. Initially we referred our clients to companies and consultants we knew were competent and who we trusted, to assist in implementing the necessary changes. The quirkistrategy by design acquisition of CRA in 2017 now completes the loop from assessment to process outcomes change management design and execution.

Evolving to CX + CJM

To remain on trend, we evolved our offering. CRM evolved into Customer Experience Management which became a discipline with a strong foundation and methodology integrity. Customer Experience Management (CX or CEM as it is often abbreviated to) is driven by the customer. It cannot start without understanding the customer and the customers pain point.  This complemented our thought process and methodology.  The offering evolved into a holistic offering allowing us to obtain sufficient knowledge during our engagement process enabling us to map out their journey (Customer Journey Mapping or CJM) and provide our clients with a solution delivering specific detail of pain points to improve upon, thus having the ability to improve the CEM immediately and retain the customer.

Our offering covers the strategy, the research, the journey mapping, and the implementation of a solution for our clients.

In 2017 quirki – strategy by design acquired the rights for CRA Africa, when Founder Douglas MacGregor relocated to the USA.  This partnership has strengthened our offering beyond only the customer by providing the vital link to the bigger picture within an organisation – positioning CEM as an organisation Strategic imperative and designing interventions that deliver improvement on the CRA pain points outcomes.

The CRA process and methodology remains unchanged, however our clients now have the option to utilise the outcomes in mapping measurable performance improvement to the organisational strategy, linking the process effectively to all divisions within the organisation, through tactical communication + performance campaigns.

Short term and long term longitudinal studies indicate that companies who embraced CX were rewarded with increased customer loyalty, increased revenue, and decreased costs to serve customers!

We guarantee

  • Value for money
  • Quality products and outputs
  • Maturity and professionalism
  • Company reputation
  • Accurate and meaningful information
  • Information insights