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The Customer Relationship Auditing Story

Customer Relationship Auditing was founded in 2000 when we recognised the need for a methodology that could systematically look at our clients’ most important customers. We created a face to face in-depth interview process that uncovered customer needs and measured how well our client met those needs.

At that time we stuck to only conducting interviews as we wanted to be impartial with no hidden agenda. However over time we found our clients needed more. Companies did not have the time or resources to implement the necessary changes we identified in our surveys so often the real value was diluted.

To help our clients we referred them on to companies and consultants we knew were competent and who we trusted. This model worked relatively well however we found our clients wanted to maintain a regular relationship with us as we had built up a huge level of trust and understanding.

Around that time CRM evolved into Customer Experience Management and it became a discipline with a strong foundation and methodology. After looking at it we embraced it enthusiastically as it encompassed everything we believe in and had been searching for.

Customer Experience Management (CX or CEM as it is often abbreviated to) is driven by the customer. It cannot start without understanding the customer and understanding their pain. With that knowledge there is a process of mapping out their journey (Customer Journey Mapping or CJM) and coming up with a solution that is a win-win for both the company and their customers.

The best part is it worked! Short term and long term longitudinal studies showed companies that embraced CX were rewarded with increased customer loyalty, increased revenue, and decreased costs to serve customers!

Our team covers the strategy, the research, the journey mapping, and the implementation of your solution.

We guarantee

  • Value for money
  • Quality products and outputs
  • Maturity and professionalism
  • Company reputation
  • Accurate and meaningful information
  • Information insights.

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