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Our Clients’ Testimonials on Customer Relationship Auditing


Uwe Brandkamp, Sales Director, Comztek

Comztek appointed Customer Relationship Auditing to poll the Comztek managed customer base some years back. The brief was to gauge the customer’s satisfaction in dealing with Comztek and the strength of our relationships. Douglas and his team went about this task in a very discreet, efficient and professional manner and reverted back to us with very detailed data.

Although some of the outcomes were unexpected, Comztek used these with Douglas’s guidance, in developing a plan to strengthen relationships and to improve customer satisfaction with our most important customers. I personally believe that this exercise elevated the strategic value that Comztek represented to these customers then and still to this day.


Kevin Derrick, Managing Director, Servest Multi Service Group

I have worked with Douglas and his Business for a number of years and found it most helpful. Quite often one fully believes that effective service has been given to your clients, when in actual fact that is merely a perception that one has of ones own service delivery and not necessarily the perception of the client.

As one starts to lose clients, you start to wonder why on earth the loss, when our service is so good! What I have found the independent client assessment to give us, is a proper profile of what the clients perception of our service delivery is and quite often our perception and our clients perception were worlds apart. It was thus not surprising that we did not understand why clients were cancelling our contracts.

Through the audit process that CRA (Customer Relationship Auditing) was able to do of our customers, we got to better understand the individual needs and as a result were better able to service them. Simply put, this meant better client retention that without an in-depth customer assessment would not have been achieved.


James Cunningham, Managing Director, Barpro Storage SA

As you know I did not find it easy to persuade my fellow directors to do the relationship survey in the first place. Being sceptical, they also tried to find problems with the methodology. However, as a result of the survey we now have a fulltime technician in Joburg and have really been working hard to improve our customer relationships in other ways as well.

I don’t think there are any dissenting voices now and we have been getting more positive feedback from our clients. I have to say that these positive results would not have occurred had it not been for your professional approach. While you didn’t blind us with science it was very difficult to disagree with your findings. Given a similar situation I will be back knocking on your door. Many thanks and keep up the good work.


Gary De Menezes, Sales Director, Acer Computers,

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.


Pedro Semiao, Marketing Manager, Automobile Association

Douglas is extremely detail oriented, and is able to grasp/understand exactly what you, as the client, require. His professionalism is such that my clients commented on how impressed they were.


Carl Bezuidenhout, Business Development Director, Grant Thornton

Customer Relationship Auditing takes client satisfaction surveys to a new level as their approach is completely customised around your clients needs.

The fact that no questionnaire is used means you get to know the issues that are important to the client, not your own agenda. As such you can learn to deliver exactly what is expected.

Together with their professional service levels CRA deliver a meaningful business tool to help you manage the relationship to retain and grow your key clients. I would highly recommend Douglas MacGregor and his team.


Dirk Jones, Servest Security Managing Director, Servest Multi Service Group – Security

Servest has a progressive approach to client relationships and in our endeavour to assess our strengths and weakness we have contracted Douglas at Customer Relationship Auditing, we have found the audit to be of great value in helping us to manage our client relationships.


Mike Hockey, Managing Director, Motla Utilities (Pty) Ltd

We thought we knew our customers’ needs but we were wrong. With their help we were able to rescue some accounts. The best part of their value offering was their Reports around each individual, which allowed offer alternative solutions for clients. The customer insights they We were able increase our revenue and reduce customer loss I would certainly recommend Douglas MacGregor and his company.


John R Ramsey, Managing Director, IT-IQ (Pty) Ltd

We thought we knew our customers’ needs but Customer Relationship Auditing showed us we didn’t know all of them. With the insights we learned from their work we were able to rescue one account and increase revenue on a number of others, which more than paid for the cost of the survey.

The most powerful part of their value offering was their Individual Reports around each individual, which allowed us to tailor unique solutions for key clients and lock their business in. The customer insights they highlighted enabled us to increase our revenue and reduce customer churn.

The staff at Customer Relationship Auditing were very professional and their commitment to customer service made them a pleasure to deal with. I have no problem recommending Douglas MacGregor and his company.


Andrew Clare, Managing Director, reLiance

I’ve worked with Douglas and the CRA team with three different clients. I’ve always found working with CRA a pleasure from a personal point of view and extremely professional with respect to their process, models and value.

Their feedback from clients has been instrumental in assisting in developing or amending existing go to market programmes and strategies. I have no hesitation in recommending CRA.


Ian McDougall, Managing Director, Echo Consulting,

CRA lives what they sell. Their service and attention to detail is excellent. I can highly recommend both their professionalism and the value they add to businesses.


Glynis Prosser, Principal Partner, The Process Works

Douglas is a person of great integrity and well understands his area of expertise and the space in which he can add value in the delivery of his services. Douglas pays particularly good attention to detail and has good inter-personal skills. Great at interviewing clients and distilling perceptions as a result. I would recommend him.


Sebastian Stock, Owner, Marketing Synchronicity

I have known Douglas MacGregor for close to 15 years, and during this period can vouch for his dedication to his work (strong work ethic) and integrity.


Norman Keel, Structured Lending Specialist, RMB Private Bank

Douglas is a very well organised coordinator, who ads cutting edge innovations to the business. His fine tuned work ethics served him and the teams he led well WRT performance.