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Solution implementation and Training

Customer Experience Management means changes to processes and the way your company and your employees view and treat customers. A poorly managed implementation can result in employees sliding back into the old way of doing things – their old comfort zone.

We help the transition by consulting with all the affected departments. We show them the journey maps highlighting the bottlenecks and pain points. We help them empathise with the customers’ plight and make them understand why and how the old way of doing business. We then explain the new process and help them understand the implications of the changes to customers. By understanding the reasons and consequences there is a far higher acceptance of the new process.

In any new process there is training involved. We will create the appropriate training program if you do not have in-house training. We will conduct the training as well with tests at the end to ensure the process is learned.

A new process is initially difficult compared to the old way of doing things, especially in times of stress or if there is a huge workload. It is vital that performance is monitored to stop back-sliding into the old way of doing things. We monitor employee performance to ensure the learned lessons are adapted.

We also monitor customer responses to the new processes to ensure the new process works. If there is not an improvement the process will have to be tweaked and fine-tuned.