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Customer Journey Mapping – Understanding Your Weaknesses

Customer Journey Mapping is where we map the journey your customers undertakes when they interact with your company. We map the process from your customers’ perspective plotting in their actions, their emotions, their comments, and the voice of the customer. Actual examples of forms, documents required, and screenshots give a graphical representation of how easy or hard it is for your customer to interact with you.

Customer Journey Mapping is conducted using your employees. It is imperative to include frontline staff as they know the common complaints they hear daily. Representatives from all the departments (silos) the journey touches must be included so they can see the impact their department has on customer perceptions. Making it a cross-departmental team fosters long term cooperation between silos.

As this is your customers’ journey, the map must be validated by your customers. This is done at the end of the process where small representative customer groups are invited in to view the map and put their comments and validate the emotions and frustrations they face.

The output is a graphical representation of the journey customer undertake with supporting documentation. You will get the touchpoints, the moments of truth (where they decide whether you add value or not), pain points, and bottlenecks. Customer emotions are also charted to give a complete picture. This document is a wonderful educational aid for the whole company to see and understand their part in delivering good service.