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Creating A Solution To Address Pain Points

The Customer Journey Map identifies pain points your customers experience. Obviously these issues need to be resolved to increase customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Working with your cross functional team we use the information gathered in the Customer Journey Mapping process and facilitate an “Ideation” process where we brainstorm as many solutions as possible. There are no sacred cows; nothing is off limits. The more ideas created the better the chance of finding a great solution.

As we create suggested solutions we allocate accountability to individuals representing different departments in the cross functional team. This is critical as it helps foster a company-wide awareness and responsibility for customer satisfaction. It also helps get buy-in from functional heads ensuring a successful roll-out of the final solution.

The list of solutions is whittled down to get the most proactive and cost effective shortlist. These are prototyped and tested. Customers are encouraged to critique them and offer improvement suggestions.

The prototypes are monitored to determine which are the most successful both from the customers’ perspective as well as from your company. The best is implemented with full training to all affected by the new process.