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Ensure Your Business Drivers are Aligned to your Strategic Outcomes

In America 77% of companies do not model Customer Experience drivers so they do not know what matters most. If you do not know what drives your company how can you measure whether you are on the right track? Historical data like Annual Financial Statements show what went wrong, not what is going to go wrong. For that you need predictive data.

You are now measuring your customers’ perception about you on a variety of levels. Which of these are predictive indicators and which are not adding value? Your company also creates a lot of internal data or descriptive metrics about your customers, e.g. the number and duration of calls in a call centre. Marrying your descriptive metrics to your perceptions metrics will give you an outcomes metrics. Understanding their interactions and which are pertinent to your business is the difference between make and break.

We will help you uncover the dynamics of the different measurement metrics to identify those you need to focus on to be able to predict the direction your company is going.