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Customer Experience Management Services We offer the whole range of customer experience management (CEM or CX) from identifying problems customers have with you, to customer journey mapping to streamline their interaction, to measuring your ongoing CEM levels. We do business modelling to help identify potential issues so you can quickly fix them.

Customer satisfaction surveys. This involves understanding your customer, usually through different types of surveys and mediums. It also includes understanding your company’s performance by surveying your customers’ reaction to your company and their touchpoints (where they interact with your company).

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM). This is where you map your customers’ journey as they travel across the different departments in your company. A journey could be selecting a product, purchasing it, using it, getting help, changing it, and hopefully repurchasing. The mapping is done from the customers’ perspective and understanding your customers’ emotions plays a large role.

Fixing the problem. The CJM highlights bottlenecks and pain points in your customers’ journey through your company. With your team we do root cause analysis, problem solving, and ideation to create possible solutions to these pain points. We prototype this to find the solution that satisfies both your customer needs while being cost effective and implementable.

Solution Implementation and Training – Now that you have chosen a solution we help in its implementation. Key to its implementation is acceptance by staff so they are made aware of the why’s and how’s and given extensive training. We monitor their behaviour post training to ensure the new way is upheld and they do not slip back into the old way of doing business.

Ongoing Customer Surveys. Customer experience must be monitored at three levels: the overall relationship; the customer journey; and each interaction. The timing of these differ and are of strategic and operational importance.

Alignment Of Surveys To Business Drivers – If you don’t know how to optimize the results of a survey why are you measuring it? There must be a clear link between operational data, interaction perceptions, and outcome metrics. We model your business so you can identify leading indicators so you can react timeously to rectify issues before they become problems.

Consulting and LecturesWe consult on all aspects of customer experience management. This includes strategy, determining whether customer experience management is appropriate, helping half way through an implementation (CX is not easy), and running workshops and training. Do you have a problem? Want some free advice or what to bounce something off us? Give us a call.