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 Industry:        Broadcast Services

 Results:          This Customer Relationship Auditing project highlighted suspected issues with nearly 40% of the people interviewed. Only 25% of identified business processes were deemed satisfactory.

Client Overview – Our client is one of three television broadcasters in South Africa, and one of two private channels. They offer broadcast services throughout Africa and link up with satellite services from around the world. Our client also runs a pay-television channel using satellite technology to reach subscribers via encryption technology.

Reasons for using the Customer Relationship Auditing process – This client was on a performance management drive and recognized the need for a customer-focused approach. There were problems with staff morale and contractors, as well as the realization that a fresh approach was needed. We interviewed department heads and external customers to determine the existing level of internal service between departments.

Customer Relationship Auditing Impact – The project triggered several events over the next year. Most importantly, it made the executive team realize that a big improvement was needed. They incorporated customer service objectives in every department with bonuses dependent on customer satisfaction. The consultation process gives a numerical value of customer satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction Index) that can be determined overall by department and by market segment, and this measure is used in part to determine the company bonuses.

Emphasis was placed on understanding customer needs. Customers now see a difference in the executive team’s attitude toward them. This can only mean more business as word-of-mouth spreads and customers refer even more business.

Training and technical skills were identified as issues. Our client has launched a project to increase staff competency levels. Additionally, the relationship between departments has improved significantly.