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 Industry:        Information Technology

 Results:          Our client had misunderstood what their customers wanted from them, and as a result of our survey restructured their service offering to be more aligned with what their customers were wanting. This has lead to a year-on-year growth of 30% for the last four years.

Client Overview  – Our client is a listed IT Value Added Reseller with multiple large customers in the Government, Parastatal, and Private sectors. IT projects are long-term worth millions of Rand per project. Our client commissioned us to conduct 90 interviews across all sectors to determine how to improve and what differences there are between the different sectors.

Reasons for using the Customer Relationship Auditing process – For the last four years we have been conducting surveys for our client as a way to determine how well they are meeting their customer’s changing needs. We also do a competitor survey so our client can determine how well they are doing against the competition. Our client also uses the results as a way of determining how well the account managers are performing to ensure best practices between account managers is maintained.

Customer Relationship Auditing Findings – Of the 90 individuals interviewed, 5% were ecstatic about the level of service they were receiving (ideal reference sites), 61% were satisfied, and 34% were dissatisfied, however our client now knew which individuals were dissatisfied and received focused attention to ensure they did not defect. When looking at their business processes, their customers were satisfied with all twelve business processes. They were better than the competition for ten of the twelve business processes, one of the highest we have encountered in the IT industry. When looking at the market segments, of the fourteen sub segments, only three sub segments were dissatisfied, however by being able to drill down and see the reasons why, these sub segments were not thought as a defection risk.

Customer Relationship Auditing Impact – The annual surveys have allowed our client to be more confident in their dealings with their customers as they not only know with certainly what their customers want, but have documented proof of what their client’s needs are, how well they are performing against those needs, and where they need to improve. Their customers do not resent our interviewing them every year, as they know they are going to gain benefits of a more focused attention from our client. When our client acquired another IT company we immediately interviewed their existing customers to show them their new supplier had their interests at heart, resulting in no large customers defected. After all, one of the main reasons for acquiring another company is for their customer base.