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 Industry:        Healthcare

 Results:          70% of the customers interviewed were satisfied with our client’s service. Only 24% were dissatisfied, far better than average survey results. Customers were very pleased with our client’s business procedures. The overall Customer Satisfaction Index was more than satisfactory and was better than the competition.

Client Overview – This client specifically focuses on eCommerce and healthcare IT solutions. The company’s core mission is delivering business solutions that ensure more dollars will be spent solely on healthcare. Depending on the market segment and division, our client transmits between 36% and 80% of all medical transactions within South Africa. It has the largest market share in the industry.

One of our client’s divisions offers various transaction-based services to both the medical service providers (doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies) and the medical-aid systems and administrators. These include:

  • Electronic claims delivery with varying degrees of validation.
  • Electronic membership eligibility checking in real-time.
  • Real-time electronic benefit booking.

Reasons for using the Customer Relationship Auditing process – Our client is a company that prides itself on customer-centric relationships, especially with insurers, and their administrators, doctor’s groups, healthcare administration system developers and vendors, hospital groups, pharmacy chains, and governing bodies. They approached us to validate the relationships they had with their customers and to determine areas where they could improve.

Customer Relationship Auditing Findings – The survey results were somewhat predictable, but there were some surprises. The in-depth interviews gave our client a new perspective on customer needs. Some of their customers who were thought to be happy turned out not as happy as expected, and vice versa. While there were and continue to be some service issues, the level of customer discord was minimal.