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Case Study – Company About to Lose a Key Client

Case study - company used our services to rescue a key accountCASE STUDY: ABOUT TO LOSE A KEY ACCOUNT AND HOW TO RESCUE IT

Our Client Overview – Our client is the security arm of a group of companies that specialises in multi-service outsource solutions to large and small businesses. Their customer base includes companies with multiple branches country-wide like shopping centres and hospital groups. Our client thought they were about to lose a significant customer that used its services in all its branches throughout the country. Their customer’s management thought our client not doing an adequate job protecting their branches and were looking at alternative security companies. The management had made it clear the contract would not be renewed and would not give clear reasons why hence their need to understand their client better and do an assessment of their current service levels at each branch.

Results – We conducted face to face interviews of different levels of management at each branch asking them what they wanted from their ideal security company and how well our client met those needs. The majority of respondents were overall very happy with our client. We picked up some minor problems in some of the branches but none of them were deal-breakers and all relatively easy to fix. When our client showed their customer’s management the results of the survey with individual reports for each person interviewed showing how favourably their own branches thought of our client, they reversed their decision and not only kept our client on but expanded their service into other branches. Our client saved a huge customer worth millions and increased their market share within that customer.

Reasons for using the Customer Relationship Auditing process. – The security industry has very tight margins – salaries are legislated so differentiating on price means cutting quality. Our client differentiated on customer satisfaction and service so they contracted Customer Relationship Auditing to audit their relationships to see where they were meeting, exceeding, or failing their customers’ expectations and where they needed to improve. Our methodology of face to face interviews where we let the respondent determine their own needs added credibility to the final report. As our individual reports are not anonymous our client’s customer could go back to each respondent to verify the results if there was any doubt.